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Thanks so much for the wonderful morning. Terrific seeing you again, and meeting new friends. I found myself saying thank you many times in the car as I was traveling home. It meant a lot to me.  Barb T.  Bainbridge, New York - Meditation and Message Circle

I’ve gone to Cindy twice. once in 2019 during a time in my life where I couldn’t get my mind straight to think clearly was losing hope and again a year later for guidance. It’s a great experience it gave me inner peace.  Tina - Nurture Your Spirit Session

Amazing amazing experience with Cindy I have been going to her for 4 years now! I have had everything from readings to healings. Every time I walk out of there I feel energized and refreshed. Highly recommended ❤️ Samantha Beadle

I love Cindy! I had an amazing reading from her. She is so accurate, I highly recommend her 💕 Heather  

So after researching Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, I signed up for Reiki energy work with Cindy Staffin. I went in for 3 sessions over 3 weeks and I can tell you the results are Amazing! We removed energy blockages and honed in on specific healings. The whole process is just incredible. I feel a sense of being lighter and cleaner as well as a sense of calm. Thank you Cindy!!! Kevin Johnson

Cindy, thank you so much for all that you have done for me this past year through emotional code release and energy healing. After suffered from manic/depression for the past 10 years, your work slowly and lovingly released me my misconceived limiting beliefs about myself that prevented me from living a full and joyful life. I can't recommend your services highly enough.
With much love and gratitude  
Susan Conway Smith

Cindy, thank you for the beautiful reading. It was so insightful, caring and comforting. I came away with great advice. I am thankful for your gifts and being able to take advantage of them.  Virginia

Hi Cindy,  I was a client of yours last year over a cleansing of a spirit attachment. I have to admit as intriguing as this gift is I wasn’t completely accepting of your abilities. Until a couple of weeks ago, and I’d be ignorant not to see it. It just all came together and I wasn’t realizing it at the time. I was hoping maybe we could set up an appointment to meet.  DL

She is amazing all her info was accurate my family member is traveling far just to see her again with me because of her great reading I highly recommend great closure on my loved one.  Robin Jordan


I've had a handful of readings with Cindy and healing sessions as well.  Cindy truly has a gift and I can't say enough good things about her.  Allison Lundin


Thank you Cindy for the amazing experience! I had never had a reading before and was skeptical but the information I received was incredibly accurate, I checked with my Mom regarding a few family skeletons that I wasn't aware of and she confirmed every one of them...YIKES!!!! I most enjoyed the peace I received from you (even over the phone) and the direction and goals I was able to set for myself using numerology.  Thanks again so much!!  MH - Virginia


Hello Cindy, After the session yesterday, I felt very calm for the next hour or so, as if I was meditating, even though I wasn't! Then later at work, I brought up a specific topic in conversation that someone was just about to talk about, and then I looked at the work schedule with a coworker, and I looked at a specific employees hours, and a minute later that employee called the store!! Very remarkable effects, even though sometimes I do 'sense' things before they happen, but usually not this specific!  Matt - Albany, NY


Thank you Cindy, It was a true honor to have a reading by you! You reaffirmed what I believed what I am truly about during Divine intervention beginning 4 years ago. I know there is a higher power in charge giving me a great gift shining my light brightly on this earth. I am well aware of thousands of Angels surrounding me trying to heal me with AA Michael in the lead. I am well aware of my Dad and brother always by my side, I've seen my Dad a few times and heard his and my brother Steven's voice loud and clear several times. An amazing experience in your office yesterday. Thank you so much for recognizing me, I walk this life in the Light! I will be in contact with you soon. Peace and love, Deb - Utica, NY


Good Morning! I enjoyed the Meditations and Messages workshop enormously!! I got so much out of it. And yes, the group energy was amazing. Thank you Cindy for being who you are - sort of a light in the forest! I will be checking your site for other workshops, and know we will be running into each other (not literally) in the future.   Ginny 


I wanted to let you know that my daughter is doing wonderful! She seems to be doing so much better emotionally, and I know that you had a lot to do with it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  D.H. - Oneonta, NY


"My three children have attended many meditation classes with Cindy, they thoroughly enjoy her welcoming and loving manner while teaching them techniques and tools to quiet their minds and soothe their souls! I only wish we could bring Cindy into our schools, the benefits are endless. I am very grateful my children and I have crossed paths with Cindy and they will continue to learn and grow with her in these sessions. ♥ " Gina Dianich


I want to thank you for the healing session last Friday. The pain in my right side that's been there for almost a year has completely subsided. I can hardly believe it! My left side hip, leg pain is also gone and I do feel much better all the way around! Thank you!   Lu Dick - Norwich, NY


Cindy: I want to let you know what has transpired since my reading and my realignment on Saturday. You had told me that my heart chakra was blocked. And likely it was - for many reasons. I feel like I have been almost reborn since my meeting with you. Cleansed. Free of guilt, and sensing the forgiveness. I truly feel that my heart is again ready to love. I hope to see you again!  LS - Cooperstown, NY

Hi Cindy, Thank you again for what you did for me on Cosmic Awakenings Show last Thursday night and for sharing your techniques of how you connect with Spirit when you do the work you do. Your reading was spot on for me, and I have been working with what you shared to remove those blocks.   Kevin


Hi Cindy, I am feeling so much better. Thank you for you helping me:) I am not sure about questions to ask. I will listen to any suggestions you may have. I feel more centered and balanced feeling stronger. I feel as I have better direction in my life. I feel as if I am protected and people have noticed a different look about me (for the better). This change in me is allowing me to let life happen and come my way without having panic in me. I want to keep moving forward positively. With your help along and others, is truly an essential awakening. I am glad you came into my life. Enjoy:) Deb  Deb - Afton, NY


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how the distance healing worked for me. All last week I felt awful. I had a headache and generally felt crappy and achy, which is very typical for someone with muscular dystrophy. I spend the better part of my days lying down and ordering dinner because I did not have the energy to make dinner. Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I did not even have the strength to get out of bed. We went grocery shopping and at some point during that, I started feeling better, even laughing as we shopped. I actually made dinner that night and this morning I woke up feeling incredibly energized and motivated, and most importantly pain free. There is no doubt in my mind that the healing sent my way was responsible. I am very grateful and would like to thank you and your students for using your gifts and clearing out whatever it was that had a hold on me. If you ever need another subject to focus on, please feel free to call on me! Kathy


Our family was happy in our new home until paranormal activity started. My husband was skeptic of some of the activity until one night he experienced what we had been telling him. Then our son woke us asking why there was a man in his room holding his arms out to hug him. We didn't feel safe in our home! We heard about Cindy and called her. She connected with the spirits in our home and guided them to another place. My husband didn't believe in this type of work until Cindy said she had messages for us from loved ones who had passed. My husband connected with his mother on a very personal level. I knew my husband became a believer when the tears were pouring down his face. After Cindy left our home my husband and I sat for hours thinking "how could she know that" and "what will happen next?? Within 24 hours our home was "lifted", that is the only way I can explain. No more paranormal activity to this day, 2 1/2 years later! Thank you Cindy!  Rosie


I was scheduled for surgery for a bunion that was causing severe pain as well as effecting my ability to perform my duties as a salesperson. The surgical procedure was to remove my big toe, scrape the bone and then re-attach the toe with a bone fusion and pins. I was told that I would be unable to work for up to three months. Although I'm a skeptic, I decided to try an alternative method before surgery and had two Reconnective Healing sessions with Cindy. I'm happy to report that I canceled the surgery because I was no longer in pain. That was five years ago and occasionally I have a little pain which is easily treated with over the counter pain medication. I avoided an expensive surgery and a long and painful recovery. I am amazed at how the experience has improved my life.  PR - Oneonta, NY


I have had many readings from a variety of psychics and I always enjoy the experience and the information I receive. My most recent reading was with Cindy and it was powerful. I walked away not only with more knowledge about myself, but also with a true sense of knowing that the information was authentic for me. This reading contained the spiritual details and insight I was ready to receive. I received a gift of a clearer vision of my essence. What I heard, I absorbed and it has become part of me. My sense of my true, inner self became noticeably stronger than my conscious self who can get stuck in self-limiting beliefs. Thank you Cindy, for sharing your gift.I am truly grateful.  Lisa


The first time I met Cindy, I was immediately impressed. She was friendly, loving, and very compassionate. I didn't tell her anything about myself, nor why I was there, however, the reading I received was incredibly accurate and personally enlightening. I've seen Cindy several times since, and have recommended her to several friends and family members, not only for her accuracy as a gifted psychic/medium, but as an insightful counselor. She has a deep understanding of metaphysical, psychological and health related issues. Each time I leave a session with Cindy, I leave not only with a greater understanding of myself, but with a greater clarity of purpose. Cindy's a person who's come through her own fire, with a passion to ignite others.  Beth 


The cleansing of our home positively affected everyone who has entered. After the break-in, my assistant was very uncomfortable working in the library. On Friday we worked together and she took the opportunity to tell me how lovely it feels and she once again, enjoys working at the house. My husband arrived after the cleansing and was genuinely amazed at how peaceful the home felt. He felt so calm and peaceful. He has asked that I arrange a cleansing of our business offices. After your energy work, I slept deep and felt peaceful with myself, and in my home. Your work is special and we honor you for sharing it with us. With deep gratitude we thank you for giving us back our home.

Name Withheld - Energy Clearing of Home


Thank you Cindy for the reading. Yes, I have done my share of questioning, but I trust that things will turn out the way they are intended. I feel that there is much that I still have to let go, but will not stress. I feel much empowered to know that I have two masculine energies that are always there for me. I have always been a bit reluctant to have my reading, but I am very happy that it was you, someone I trust. Your talent is amazing and I think I even dreamt about going to you for a reading, but your place did not seem familiar to me until I walked in and then it all came back to me of how right it felt.  Ireri


Hi Cindy! I have been so busy with life I forgot to take a minute to say thank you for doing such a great reading for my husband. Also my mother in law! Since the reading my husband is a whole different person and I can't thank you enough! A weight was almost lifted off his shoulders after. So thank you for that! He is finally almost back to his old self since his father passed away.  Jessie  


Thank you so much again for the reading!!! It was amazing, very uplifting and positive. There are several ladies from my work that will be contacting you for readings. I hope you are having a wonderful week and just wanted to thank you again.  J.P. - Cooperstown, NY


Thank you Cindy, it was an incredible experience & you opened me up to so much more than expected & new expectations for the future. Thank you for the Chakra exercise which am looking forward to the cleansing & healing. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that is searching or curious.  Janice B.


I just wanted to thank you and tell you how enlightening your reading was for me. You opened my eyes to many things. Like not judging others and understanding the actions of certain people in my life. As well as the other things you talked about. I feel so refreshed and uplifted. Like a new me or the start of one anyway.  Anonymous Male


I really loved the class and felt you did a terrific job on presenting the material and leading the exercises. Also that location and room worked very well. It was great to meet the others in the group. I would be interested in future classes so keep me posted on what your up to. Thanks again.  Laura


Cindy's class opened my heart and mind, giving me the confidence to trust in myself. It is a wonderful journey of exploration and connection to the self. I met great people, had fun and opened a door to learning that I will not close. Thanks, Cindy for a great class!  Lucia


I participated in a seance with 7 women and Cindy Staffin facilitating. We were very excited to come into contact with deceased loved ones. Cindy started out by opening the space and making it a safe place for all who entered, it was very inviting! She let us all know that she may not know who was coming forward, but if anything that she described about the person seemed familiar to speak up and she would question the individual as to the name, etc. Immediately the fun began. Then our deceased loved ones began to make contact. I had 3 people come through. My paternal grandfather, his wife and my ex-husband's grandmother. This experience made me a deeper believer in the unseen. My motto has always been, "If you can't prove to me that it's impossible, then I will believe that it is possible". I was surrounded by love and light throughout the experience and feel very blessed that I was in the company of very loving and generous women.  Angela Deleski


Cindy, I felt so good when I had left you that day. I'm not saying the week was perfect, as it had its moments, but I was able to be more calm and to have clear answers/actions in dealing with life's moments. I've been sleeping a lot better than I have's great! I have found I am thinking clearly...I don't feel so 'foggy' as I had been. Last week when I was driving, I was admiring the colorful foliage. Something really weird happened to me. I was seeing 'faces' in the trees; faces in the foliage...faces made of the foliage. When I saw them, I guess there were 3 or 4 within about a mile...they reminded me of the 'green man' faces.  C.M. Cobleskill, NY


On Sunday August 19th 2012 I had my Pineal Gland Activation done by Cindy. Before she was even finished, I started seeing her aura (which is not something I would normally see.) The next thing that happened was because we had become in tuned to each other, I knew what she was going to say before she said it. This continued with others, these last two weeks with more intensity. This included knowing when the phone was going to ring and who was on it. I left Cindy feeling lighter as if I was floating on air, taller as if I had grown a couple of inches, but most importantly with better clarity. This experience was a first for me. I would recommend it to everyone. When needed I will return to have it done again.

Pat Moore - Morris, New York


Dear Cindy, Thank you for doing the Pineal Gland Activation. During the activation, I could feel a slight shift of energy inside my head behind my eyes. Nothing else seemed to change at that time. After arriving home I had to lay down and quickly fell asleep - for 4 hours. When I woke up, my energy felt completely charged up. Never getting hungry, I buzzed around doing housework until midnight. Since then, I have noticed that it's easier to remain focused and that my dreams are more vivid and easier to remember consciously. I've had more visions and my other abilities have become enhanced.  SW - Oneonta


I recently completed the Reiki I certification class and I have to say that it exceeded all my expectations. Cindy is a very knowledgeable and interesting person, and brings so much of herself into her teachings, you feel that you are not only a student, but a friend. It left me with such positive feelings, I was sorry to see the class end. I am looking forward to Reiki II.  Kathleen


Hi Cindy, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you soooo much for my reading the other night. It was very emotional for me, and draining, but it helped me in so many ways, and the most profound thing that rings in my ears over and over is what you said about "everyone has their own truths". My neck and back feel so much better too so thought you would love to hear that one. I'm so glad that I met you. You are an amazing person.  Melinda


My Reconnection experience was wonderful. After I left the second session, I just floated higher and higher and higher. I have a much stronger sense of my own energy and how it flows through me. Thank you for a great blessing.  Tim Emerson


Cindy has helped out our family so much more than money ever could. She has helped keep my family together by her work. She handled the scariest place you can imagine (I don't need to watch any scary movies anymore, I have enough in my memory from the old apartment). She healed from her home for us, along with coming in to help the spirits several times. She has helped my wife, after several thousands of dollars to the Hospitals, we decided a different route. After 3 sessions, she is back to normal! People, she is truly amazing! I keep encouraging her to write a book! Not only all this stuff, but she is pretty cool to just chit chat with! If you know her, you need to invest the little bit of money for a reading or healing session. You won't regret it!  Travis


Dear Cindy,Just wanted you to know that after my 1st Reconnective Healing session, I realized the pain in my elbow had diminished drastically and I had so much more energy. After the 2nd session, I felt my blood sugar lower, my headaches are gone and an infection that I was fighting for about 30 days is now gone. I find that the last 3 nights, I have been able to sleep all night. Today, after my 3rd session, I have more energy than I have had since the end of May. No more hunger or thirst either!Thank you so much for helping me.  Dawn


Hi Cindy,Thank you for such a wonderful day! I really enjoyed the class and have already started working on one of the rescue dogs here. She seemed to enjoy it and was very still for the process. It was amazing to me how strong the information was and how clear it was - Your energy really is amazing and held the group! Thanks again.  Liz Keller


Cindy...I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the energy workshop. Seeing the auras was truly hypnotic. The whole day was both a rewarding learning experience and a wonderful time with smart, like minded women. I look forward to hearing from you about Reiki III (Master/Teacher). Thank you!  Tina   


Dear Cindy,I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed your class yesterday. It was truly enlightening and invigorating. I left wanting more, feeling light, alert and in touch with myself. The fellowship with other wonderful women was an unexpected added bonus.  Thank you again.  Courtney


Hi Cindy,I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class on Sunday. Dawn told me you do them often there and I hope to attend more of them. I felt better when I left, in all ways. Even the leg I injured in work is better! It has been hurting for 2 months.I take ibuprofen and use oils which help,but this class really helped the most. Hope to see you soon, Blessings to you.  Judy


The treatment was done while I rested on a massage table, with no actual physical touching involved. I'm not sure what might have been happening energetically during the treatment but I did see twinkling lights around the table and also felt a strong downward pull on one leg as if it was being drained or realigned. Afterward I felt lighter and rejuvenated, more carefree overall.  MB - Cooperstown, NY


Cindy presented clear, accurate info about particular people and situations in my life. What I especially appreciated was the helpful insights she gave into perceiving these life situations differently and how to work with them for the highest good. She made a connection with two of my loved ones in spirit who each gave comforting messages and specific guidance. She is a kind, easy going, nonjudgmental presence.

MB - Cooperstown, NY


I want to tell you that you have been a big light in my life, this past year, even without us ever having met. You have guided me into very positive choices, and I feel much happier, and calmer than I have in a long time. So, thank you for that. It has meant a lot.  J - NYC


Cindy does not dabble and does not offer broad strokes and generalities. Instead, she identifies the issues, names the circumstance and creates a time line. In my search for peace from the madness that was consuming me, I found Cindy who is a genuine, gifted spirit.As she led me through the reading, I followed her as I would a light in the dark. She was accurate, detailed and gentle. Truths were revealed and quietly, the weight shifted and I could feel the peace that had settled within me.I've had other readings, but this was different, because Cindy's gift is a part of her humanity. Her work is an affirmation of love.

Madelyn - Long Island


Cindy is a delightful spirit with many gifts that she presents in a professional, compassionate and embracing session. Her clarity and insight are helpful in reaching enlightening journeys. I am thrilled to be a client of hers and share her love for her work with my family and friends. Thank you Cindy for being Cindy. Your authenticity is comforting.  Kathryn

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