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Ascension Workshops

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Many are aware of and use their intuition and psychic attributes but don't always find the support needed to fully use them for their highest good.

In these workshops, we'll be learning, remembering, and creating techniques that support us as we navigate the journey to higher levels of consciousness.  

Each workshop will have a different topic as well as meditation and of course conversation!  

TBA  11:00 - 1:00

Contact Cindy to Register

In this workshop, we'll be focusing on breathing!  As we continue focusing on our body's energy centers and meditation, we'll focus on breathing, toning, and learning to slow the body and mind for meditation and relaxation.

The previous workshop was wonderful ... this is what one might expect at one of these gatherings ... heightened awareness, inner peace, spiritual awakening, meeting like-minded people who share information about health, food, spiritual experiences, etc.  You may want to take some notes!  

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