Nurture Your Spirit
$135/90 minutes


Nurture Your Spirit is 90 minutes of YOU time!  A combination of a psychic/medium reading and an energy alignment, this treatment is known for bringing insight and clarity, ease emotional pain and discomfort, remove negative energy and attachments ... the benefits are unlimited.    

What to expect ... The session starts off with an intuitive consultation for life guidance and advice.  This is an opportunity to address feelings that could be keeping you from moving forward, or perhaps a situation that is causing you emotional or physical pain.  A spiritual perspective can illuminate your life path and highlight what is hindering you and ways to shift it for your highest good. Next, you'll be laying comfortably on my massage table with your shoes off listening to soft music or a guided meditation. Based on your needs I'll choose which methods are best suited for you. I work with therapeutic pendulums, crystals, aromatherapy, Reconnective Healing®, sacred Reiki healing symbols, the Angelic Realm, and Divine Beings of Light to clear slow-moving or trapped energy from your energy centers {chakras} and energy channels {meridians}.  I work in your energy field and will not be touching your body.  

The session wraps up with a conversation about your experience,  and any questions or concerns that you might have.  

Clients have mentioned that during their session they felt deeply relaxed and loved,  saw lights and colors, sensed the presence of the Angelic Realm, and Divine Beings of Light, and loved ones who have passed.  Gentle pulsations and movements were felt throughout their body and people have experienced unexpected healings.   

*Prep:  Please drink water a few hours before to be hydrated for your session. 

"Cindy: I want to let you know what has transpired since my reading and my realignment on Saturday. You had told me that my heart chakra was blocked. And likely it was - for many reasons. I feel like I have been almost reborn since my meeting with you. Cleansed. Free of guilt, and sensing the forgiveness. I truly feel that my heart is again ready to love. I hope to see you again!  LS - Cooperstown, NY"