July Promotion

Energy Alignment and Clearing


 approx 45 minutes 

this treatment is beneficial for anyone who feels fatigued, has brain fog, been feeling "off", have stiff joints and unexplained pain, suffers from headaches/migraines, has energy attachments, and pre/post pregnancy & surgery.

*helpful for people who need support when Mercury is retrograde.  {July 7th - 31st}

What to expect ... You'll Lay on a massage table listening to binary healing frequencies. crystals are chosen specifically for you to be held or placed on

your body. I use therapeutic pendulums, {healing with gold light} and reconnective® healing energy to align your body's energy centers {chakras} and clear energy channels {meridians}. I close the session by smudging your energy field with the smoke of white mountain sage and Palo Santo wood for cleansing and purification.

Have a safe & happy 4th of July!