You are on a journey from

the unconsciousness to a higher consciousness


People in your neighborhood and around the world are awakening and making their way through the energy shifts occurring in the universe and more importantly, on the planet. As we ascend into the higher dimensions we shed our denser energies and that is often painful emotionally and physically. This journey is challenging and at times off the charts crazy, but where it leads us is euphoric.  

Welcome to your Spiritual Awakening!


If you see 11:11 often, experience synchronicities, and have "ah-ha" moments, you most likely have started to perceive reality in a different way.  We'll be discussing these and other symptoms of spiritual awakenings. You'll learn techniques to clear and protect your energy field and raise your vibration, along with techniques to easily move into the alpha state (meditation).   All of these will assist you in expanding your awareness, opening your intuition, and moving forward with ease and grace.  


Please dress comfortably.  You might be laying on a massage table or seated in your chair for any activation(s) that would be suitable for you on that day.   Bring a notebook/journal because you will want to take notes.  Bring a lite lunch.  There will be bottled water and tea for everyone.  There is a small fridge but no microwave.   Ordering or dining out is not an option.  Cell phones will be turned off or left outside.  


  Sunday, June 23rd     10:00 - 3:00     $50 due at registration

Shangri-La Holistic Practices

48 Dietz St  Suite A

Oneonta, NY

{607} 349-7940

You are a spiritual being having a human experience