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A Modern Day Séance
Psychic Mediums
Cindy Staffin & Samantha Snell

November 23rd,  10:00 - 12:00     $25

 Contact Cindy to Register 

Shangri La Holistic Practices

48 Dietz Street Suite A

Oneonta, NY 

The loss of a loved one can be unbearable at times and we search for answers and look for clues to let us know that they're still among us. Sometimes it's their scent that lets us know they are near and other times we can sense their familiar energy.  Then there are the times when they call out  your name or make a noise in the room.   ... oh and birds!  

What to expect ...

 While seated with everyone around a table, I spend time with each person and connect with their loved ones in the afterlife.  Please bring photos and/or small objects to enhance the experience.   

I suggest having a private session if you have recently lost someone or if you become emotionally upset when thinking of them.  Group sessions are not private and time is limited.  Please click here if you would like to inquire about private sessions.

I've had the pleasure of being a professional medium for 20 years.  My first memory of having a conversation with someone in spirit was when I was nine years old.  It was with Mrs. Ward.  My parents bought her house after she passed away.  She was sitting in the middle of the attic near a box, and when asked she told me she was going through some things that she left behind.  It was several years later when I realized that she was talking about things that she left behind in life!   

"Thank you Cindy for helping me to heal and to move on for myself and my daughter from a recent loss. Our reading has helped me to get the closure that I have needed.  I look forward to working with you with other services soon!"

Hi Cindy! I have been so busy with life I forgot to take a minute to say thank you for doing such a great reading for my husband. Also my mother in law! Since the reading my husband is a whole different person and I can't thank you enough! A weight was almost lifted off his shoulders after. So thank you for that! He is finally almost back to his old self since his father passed away.   


I participated in a seance with 7 women and Cindy Staffin facilitating. We were very excited to come into contact with deceased loved ones. Cindy started out by opening the space and making it a safe place for all who entered, it was very inviting! Then our deceased loved ones began to make contact. I had 3 people come through. My paternal grandfather, his wife and my ex-husband's grandmother. This experience made me a deeper believer in the unseen.

Angela Deleski


... a wonderful story


I attended your Modern Day Séance on May 22. I didn't connect with much that day, but here is what happened that day, and two weeks ago. 


You saw "Way back, way way back" on my Dad's side. You said there were "a lot of men". The name Edmund. "Born in the states?" I did not know anything about my dad's side of the family. Everyone who would know is gone, so I thought I would never know. 


Two weeks ago, we were camping and had a get together with my two brothers. My father's ex-wife came.  She brought with her a binder of (58!) pages from her recent searches on The names at the tops of the pages were "a lot of men" with the same last name as my father, going back in time, "way, way back". Common names like John, James, William, Peter, Thomas.  And then: Edmund. 


It turns out that Edmund was the first to come to America from Ireland around 1650. He had mostly brothers, and his four sons were "born in the states". 


Edmund died in 1683. Yesterday I was looking for your mailing address on the website. I saw that you do THE RECONNECTION and it is associated with 333. Today is the death day of Edmund. It turns out that he died 333 years ago today. 


I just wanted to let you know that what seemed vague and unreachable to me on May 22 was given to me in writing 11 weeks later. Thank you for the amazing work you do!  Susie 


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