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Psychic Medium Reading - 60 Minutes


Cindy's psychic readings are focused on helping people overcome obstacles and make the choices that benefit them the most. Topics that are addressed are health, family, finances, relationships, careers and spirituality. Her abilities as a medium are helpful to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, as well as those who are curious about the afterlife. Counseling sessions are arranged for clients who require multiple sessions. By connecting with the spirit world, Cindy is able to give her clients information that is associated with their current situation and their concerns about the future. 


"Cindy does not dabble and does not offer broad strokes and generalities. Instead, she identifies the issues, names the circumstance and creates a time line. In my search for peace from the madness that was consuming me, I found Cindy who is a genuine, gifted spirit.As she led me through the reading, I followed her as I would a light in the dark. She was accurate, detailed and gentle. Truths were revealed and quietly, the weight shifted and I could feel the peace that had settled within me.I've had other readings, but this was different, because Cindy's gift is a part of her humanity. Her work is an affirmation of love."

Madelyn - Long Island  Reading

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