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Quotes Cindy...I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the energy workshop. Seeing the auras was truly hypnotic. The whole day was both a rewarding learning experience and a wonderful time with smart, like minded women. I look forward to hearing from you about Reiki III (Master/Teacher). Thank you! Quotes
Energy Workshop

Quotes Dear Cindy,I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed your class yesterday. It was truly enlightening and invigorating. I left wanting more, feeling light, alert and in touch with myself. The fellowship with other wonderful women was and unexpected added bonus.I would love to be in your Reiki class next week but unfortunately I have a conflict. How often do you offer the class and/or do you teach private classes for 1 or 2 people? Thank you thank you thank you again. Quotes
Energy Workshop

Quotes Hi Cindy,I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class on Sunday. Dawn told me you do them often there and I hope to attend more of them. I felt better when I left, in all ways. Even the leg I injured in work is better! It has been hurting for 2 months.I take ibuprofen and use oils which help,but this class really helped the most. Hope to see you soon, Blessings to you. Quotes
Energy Workshop

Quotes The treatment was done while I rested on a massage table, with no actual physical touching involved. I'm not sure what might have been happening energetically during the treatment but I did see twinkling lights around the table and also felt a strong downward pull on one leg as if it was being drained or realigned. Afterward I felt lighter and rejuvenated, more carefree overall. Quotes
MB - Cooperstown, NY
Reconnective Healing

Quotes Cindy presented clear, accurate info about particular people and situations in my life. What I especially appreciated was the helpful insights she gave into perceiving these life situations differently and how to work with them for the highest good. She made a connection with two of my loved ones in spirit who each gave comforting messages and specific guidance. She is a kind, easy going, nonjudgmental presence. Quotes
MB - Cooperstown, NY

Quotes I want to tell you that you have been a big light in my life, this past year, even without us ever having met. You have guided me into very positive choices, and I feel much happier, and calmer, than I have in a long time. So, thank you for that. It has meant a lot. Quotes
Phone Reading

Quotes Cindy does not dabble and does not offer broad strokes and generalities. Instead, she identifies the issues, names the circumstance and creates a time line. In my search for peace from the madness that was consuming me, I found Cindy who is a genuine, gifted spirit.As she led me through the reading, I followed her as I would a light in the dark. She was accurate, detailed and gentle. Truths were revealed and quietly, the weight shifted and I could feel the peace that had settled within me.I've had other readings, but this was different, because Cindy's gift is a part of her humanity. Her work is an affirmation of love. Quotes
Madelyn - Long Island

Quotes Cindy is a delightful spirit with many gifts that she presents in a professional, compassionate and embracing session. Her clarity and insight are helpful in reaching enlightening journeys. I am thrilled to be a client of hers and share her love for her work with my family and friends. Thank you Cindy for being Cindy. Your authenticity is comforting. Quotes
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