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Quotes Our family was happy in our new home until paranormal activity started. My husband was skeptic of some of the activity until one night he experienced what we had been telling him. Then our son woke us asking why there was a man in his room holding his arms out to hug him. We didn't feel safe in our home! We heard about Cindy and called her. She connected with the spirits in our home and guided them to another place. My husband didn't believe in this type of work until Cindy said she had messages for us from loved ones who had passed. My husband connected with his mother on a very personal level. I knew my husband became a believer when the tears were pouring down his face. After Cindy left our home my husband and I sat for hours thinking "how could she know that" and "what will happen next?? Within 24 hours our home was "lifted", that is the only way I can explain. No more paranormal activity to this day, 2 1/2 years later! Thank you Cindy! Quotes
Paranormal Activity

Quotes I was scheduled for surgery for a bunion that was causing severe pain as well as effecting my ability to perform my duties as a salesperson. The surgical procedure was to remove my big toe, scrape the bone and then re-attach the toe with a bone fusion and pins. I was told that I would be unable to work for up to three months. Although I'm a skeptic, I decided to try an alternative method before surgery and had two Reconnective Healing sessions with Cindy. I'm happy to report that I canceled the surgery because I was no longer in pain. That was five years ago and occasionally I have a little pain which is easily treated with over the counter pain medication. I avoided an expensive surgery and a long and painful recovery. I am amazed at how the experience has improved my life. Quotes
PR - Oneonta, NY
Reconnective Healing

Quotes I have had many readings from a variety of psychics and I always enjoy the experience and the information I receive. My most recent reading was with Cindy and it was powerful. I walked away not only with more knowledge about myself, but also with a true sense of knowing that the information was authentic for me. This reading contained the spiritual details and insight I was ready to receive. I received a gift of a clearer vision of my essence. What I heard, I absorbed and it has become part of me. My sense of my true, inner self became noticeably stronger than my conscious self who can get stuck in self limiting beliefs. Thank you Cindy, for sharing your gift.I am truly grateful. Quotes

Quotes The first time I met Cindy, I was immediately impressed. She was friendly, loving, and very compassionate. I didn't tell her anything about myself, nor why I was there, however, the reading I received was incredibly accurate and personally enlightening. I've seen Cindy several times since, and have recommended her to several friends and family members, not only for her accuracy as a gifted psychic/medium, but as an insightful counselor. She has a deep understanding of metaphysical, psychological and health related issues. Each time I leave a session with Cindy, I leave not only with a greater understanding of myself, but with a greater clarity of purpose. Cindy's a person who's come through her own fire, with a passion to ignite others. Quotes

Quotes The cleansing of our home positively affected everyone who has entered. After the break-in, my assistant was very uncomfortable working in the library. On Friday we worked together and she took the opportunity to tell me how lovely it feels and she once again, enjoys working at the house. My husband arrived after the cleansing and was genuinely amazed at how peaceful the home felt. He felt so calm and peaceful. He has asked that I arrange a cleansing of our business offices. After your energy work, I slept deep and felt peaceful with myself, and in my home. Your work is special and we honor you for sharing it with us. With deep gratitude we thank you for giving us back our home. Quotes
Name Withheld
Energy Clearing of Home

Quotes Thank you Cindy for the reading. Yes, I have done my share of questioning, but I trust that things will turn out the way they are intended. I feel that there is much that I still have to let go, but will not stress. I feel much empowered to know that I have two masculine energies that are always there for me. I have always been a bit reluctant to have my reading, but I am very happy that it was you, someone I trust. Your talent is amazing and I think I even dreamt about going to you for a reading, but your place did not seem familiar to me until I walked in and then it all came back to me of how right it felt. Quotes

Quotes Hi Cindy! I have been so busy with life I forgot to take a minute to say thank you for doing such a great reading for my husband. Also my mother in law! Since the reading my husband is a whole different person and I can't thank you enough! A weight was almost lifted off his shoulders after. So thank you for that! He is finally almost back to his old self since his father passed away. Quotes
Jessie - Reading

Quotes Thank you so much again for the reading!!! It was amazing, very uplifting and positive. There are several ladies from my work that will be contacting you for readings. I hope you are having a wonderful week and just wanted to thank you again. Quotes
J.P. - Cooperstown, NY

Quotes Thank you Cindy, it was an incredible experience & you opened me up to so much more than expected & new expectations for the future. Thank you for the Chakra exercise which am looking forward to the cleansing & healing. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that is searching or curious. Quotes
Janice B.

Quotes I just wanted to thank you and tell you how enlightening your reading was for me. You opened my eyes to many things. Like not judging others and understanding the actions of certain people in my life. As well as the other things you talked about. I feel so refreshed and uplifted. Like a new me or the start of one anyway. Quotes
Anonymous Male